demo 2012

by samesies

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recorded in september 2012 with kris hamlyn
mixed and mastered by kris hamlyn

"bastard kid" at the rose and thistle, Jan 18th 2013. video by noah bender.

live at rose and thistle with kappa chow and jerk damaged


released September 25, 2012



all rights reserved


samesies St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

juls- guitar, vocals
walt- bass, vocals
glen- guitar, vocals
jonny- drums, no vocals

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Track Name: marblemouth
Lets lay it all out on the table: we're all on separate pages.
Where I was last year is where you'll be a week after we speak.
The only thing we share is time, and it feels like yours' worth more than mine.
Yet I guess that I don't mind, so tune me out while I say,

"I'm okay, everything is going great, I'm feeling fine. Theres nothing on my mind."
But it's true, I don't need anybody to receive a single word I say

Words spill out my mouth like marbles, bouncing on the floor.
Try to pull away I slip and fall, curse a dozen more.
Can't speak, can't explain, can't find the fucking cause
As to why when we speak, you turn your head off.

"I'm not okay, everything is fucking up im wasting time, theres nothing on my mind."
But its true, I don't need anybody to listen, to a single word I'm saying
Track Name: sad sand song
What did we leave in the sand?
So much more than footprints
A completely altered circumstance
marred by nostalgic sun-soaked lense

Don't say to me this won't be easy
Cause' that's too easy for you to say.

What did we leave in the sand?
Our only hope for second chance
If paradise couldn't force amends
Then we gotta let this end.

Your lips have stained mine, I wish I could spit 'em out
But I love the taste, I'm losing my fucking head.
Track Name: pathetic
Another day with bags under my eyes
Since you've gone my life's been in demise
Another night staring at the wall
Since you've gone I don't sleep at all

Is this love or am I just pathetic?
Either way I need you just the same
Is this love or am I just co-dependent?
Either way I need you just the same

My shitty job has lost all its whimsy
When I get off work and you're not there to see
Can you work on eliminating
This distance that leaves me lonely
Track Name: bastard kid
I was born the bastard child of Mount Pearl
Grew up not knowing what I saw but heard, (rest assured)
And every night up until three am
counting stucco bumps on my ceiling once again.

And I know just where ill go
When I leave here
Counting mistakes
Like the days in a year

I was born the bastard child of CBS
All your small town minds have made mine so depressed
Its never good to see familiar faces
Just another reason why I left that place
(you're all the same, i'm gone)

I was the bastard kid of Chilliwack
Raised to speak in words that, obscured real fact
Moved away and learned the term "mind fuck"
But my head still keeps getting sucked back
Track Name: can't speak
Am i really who i think i am?
In disrepair and broken down
waiting on the word to start
seems like I slept through that part
and I know i missed the starters gun
when I turned around everyone was gone
so I lit a cigarette and thought
that maybe i was wrong

I've been here too long
Trying to figure out a way to sum it up
Again! Between a verse chorus and bridge. What I meant
is never as clear as what I said

“Everything sucks” and I know that it wont change
wake up tomorrow and the world will be the same